On this page, you will find links to a cross-section of examples of my external content writing. Most of this content was “ghostwritten”.

Technical Writing

During my time as a technical writer for Signicat, I wrote the documentation found at the following locations:

Feature Writing

Expat Republic, 2018

Expat Republic, 2018

Emfurn Modern Furniture Blog, 2017

Expat Republic, 2018

Food and Health, 2017

Corporate Content

Digital Signage Philippines, 2018

Versatech International, 2017

Versatech International, 2018

Versatech International, 2018

Interview-Based Feature Writing

Interview with the Dutch Government – Business.gov.nl

Interview with Lassus Tandartsen, Amsterdam

Interview with psychologist and high-potential coach, Elaira Tickute

Interview with Lassus Tandartsen, Amsterdam

Event Content Writing

Sixman & Fist Coalition; Grounds, Rotterdam, 2019

Rotterdam Music Awards; LantarenVenster, 2018

The Flying Dutch; Ahoy Rotterdam, 2018

Rotterdam Reggae Festival, 2018

Sales and eCommerce Writing

Licence to Chill, 2019

Shark Tank Blog, 2017

Expat Republic, 2018

Racer Gaming Chairs Blog, 2017

Shark Tank Blog, 2018

UX and SEO Content

Emfurn Eames Collection, 2017

Emfurn Hans Wegner Collection, 2017

Eames Modern Collection, 2017

Elite Modern Furniture Blog, 2017

Emfurn Modern Furniture, 2017

Emfurn Eames Collection, 2017

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