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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for here, visit my contact page and get in touch.

01. What can a content creator do for my business?

With a professional content creator and copywriter at the helm, you can increase your website traffic with an improved blog and website content. As a result, your customers and site visitors will have a more enjoyable experience with your digital brand.

Your in-house documentation or intranet can also receive an overhaul. Even think as far as upgrading your sales and marketing copy. A content specialist will work alongside a multitude of teams with an organisation. There are no limits to the applications of a content specialist in your business.

02. Why is a native-English copywriter or content creator important?

As a native-English speaker with a fascination for the language, I grew up loving and learning every nuance of it. Having gone on to study journalism in English, my skills as a professional writer then combined with my second-nature understanding of the language.

With a native-English copywriter providing your content, you can be guaranteed fast, accurate and high-calibre content, each and every time.

Your content will:

  • flow naturally and be easy-to-read,
  • be entertaining and engaging,
  • be informative (if the subject requires it),
  • be search engine optimised in a natural way.

03. What are the benefits of hiring a professional content writer?

As a professional content writer with a background in sales and marketing, I can provide you with high-quality, well-written and grammatically-correct content for your business blog – regardless of industry, topic or tone of voice.

Not only that, I understand the evolving Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methodologies. Therefore, I can seamlessly bridge the gap between SEO and marketing goals with entertaining and engaging content. I will keep your audience in mind throughout the entire process.

04. My business is [insert any business type here]. Do I really need a blog?

For every business with a website, eCommerce or otherwise, top search engine rankings will expose you to more potential customers. In order to gain higher rankings on search engines, the importance of engaging, high-quality blog content cannot be stressed enough.

You may not think that blogging has any relevance to your company’s online presence, but a good blog can benefit every brand.

I’ve seen firsthand the difference it can make in terms of search visibility, leads, and sales. I’m a huge advocate of investing heavily in a content publication strategy, and that strategy begins with the company blog.

Jayson DeMers, Founder & CEO of AudienceBloom and contributor to Forbes.com
Some examples of business blogs:

05. I see you write in British English. What if my audience or business is based in America?

I am most adept at British or UK English. But, luckily, I am proficient in all forms of English language writing. Whether your website is in British English, American English, based in Australia, the Philippines or in Europe, I can provide the creative content to suit your audience.

Whether you want formal language for your professional content or would prefer something a little more relaxed and conversational in tone, I can do it all. I am adaptive in style, tone and even layout. Your audiences will enjoy reading the engaging content that I can provide and it will rank more highly on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, or Ask.com.

06. Where can I find examples of your previous writing?

That’s an easy one. You can find samples of my previous writing on my Portfolio page or keep up to date with my blog. Although the tone or topic may be quite different to your company’s needs, these examples should hopefully give you a flavour of my writing style.

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