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With A Powerhouse of Writing, you are guaranteed 100 percent unique, entertaining and informative content. I can provide journalism-quality research and excellent analytical skills when creating content. Use this page as an index and a guide to what I can do…..

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About My Writing

With a reliable content writer at the helm, you can impress potential clients, increase your site traffic and stand out from competitors with your impressive corporate content. As a native-English language copywriter, I can ensure your content will:

  • flow naturally and be easy-to-read,
  • be entertaining yet informative,
  • be fully optimised so that search engines can easily discover it,
  • be written in the version of English your customers prefer (British, American, and more),
  • possess your company or brand’s tone of voice.

Content Creation and Copywriting

To truly optimise your content, there are several reasons I can help. As a qualified journalist and experienced online and in-house content writer, I offer high-quality and engaging writing that will speak directly to your target audience.

Examples of my previous eCommerce content writing.
Example of past eCommerce content writing.
  • Sales and marketing content
  • UX/UI copywriting
  • Technical content
  • In-house documentation
  • Product descriptions
  • Blog/company articles
  • Calls to Action
  • Website content
    • Landing pages
    • Homepage content
    • Company Information or About Us pages
  • the list goes on……

Social Media Engagement

I understand the constantly changing face of social media engagement and its importance to any contemporary company. All my online content is written with a deep understanding of these changing methodologies and how the medium should be managed and optimised.

Social media management is more than posting on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook on a daily basis. The adage of “quality over quantity” proves very true for rewarding online engagement. As a professional content creator, all content I write is designed to aid your social media, sales or marketing strategy.

There are so many social media outlets, apps and platforms that your business can use to promote and market its brand. Every single platform works differently and each requires a unique way of engaging with the audience.

As a professional in social media communication, I understand the specific formula needed to optimise the impact and result of your social media marketing.

Hire a journalist for your creative content

I know I have mentioned it over and over, but that’s because it’s worth repeating: As a qualified journalist, I have the ideal skill set to provide your organisation with its content and copywriting.

As a professional content writer, I can improve the quality of your website, company blog, UX/UI content, internal documentation, and so much more. With years of professional experience, I can help you today.

The writing and editing skills of a qualified journalist include:

  • the ability to write 100% unique and engaging content,
  • adaptability to any company’s style guide or tone of voice,
  • exceptional research skills with a focus on accuracy,
  • proofreading with exceptional attention-to-detail,
  • content editing,
  • page layout and design,
  • error-free content at all times,
  • understanding Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

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