Best YouTube Bad Movie Review Channels for Binge-Watching in 2023

Only a few short years ago, households could not function without a traditional TV subscription package. Now, with the advent of internet-ready games consoles and smart televisions, it is possible to purely stream your content and never once see an “old-school” TV channel. YouTube is possibly the largest media outlet on the globe now. So…what is there to watch?

If anyone ever had any doubt about how much YouTube we watch, think about this…In the few short years since the 18-second “Me at the Zoo” was uploaded, YouTube has gone on to provide a multimillion dollar income for many professional YouTubers, and for very good reason.

In 2020, nine-year-old Ryan Kaji of Ryan’s World held the title of the highest-paid YouTuber for a third year running, earning an incredible €24 million in a year. This “child influencer” has made an estimated €160 million unboxing and reviewing toys and children’s clothing. By 2021, another record-breaking YouTuber, MrBeast, hit 130 million subscribers in January 2023. In real terms, his income would land him at no.40 on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list.

Whatever your interests, you will find channels large and small addressing every possible niche. Movie reviews, gamer speed runs, arts and crafts for children – people young and old are watching YouTube. If you aren’t yet, there is no time like the present to start exploring.

Best bad movie review channels on YouTube

The movie review genre is broad on YouTube! So, let’s begin with the YouTube channels dedicated to reviewing bad movies, B-movies, and hilariously bad cult classics. In my personal opinion, this sub-genre provides some of the best laughs of all. Therefore, what better genre to begin with.

#1: Best of the Worst

Best of the Worst (BotW) is a YouTube series produced by the legendary Red Letter Media, run by independent filmmakers Mike Stoklasa and Jay Bauman. The BotW panel also features a combination of (treasure) Rich Evans, Jack Packard, Josh “The Wizard” Davis, and regular special guests. The quirky and witty group review everything from from B-movies to instructional videos, all sent in by the sadistic viewing public. After a lot of side-splitting deliberation – and a lot more drinking – the gang decide which movie earns the “honour” of Best of the Worst. The “winner” usually meets a dramatic end via evermore inventive methods. (See: The Nukie Debacle.)

#2: Weird Movies with Mark

Weird Movies with Mark, aka Fanboy Flicks, is an incredibly charming and funny look at some of the weirdest and most strange movies from throughout the decades. Featuring looks at the best (see: worse) B-movies throughout the history of cinema. The host, Mark funnily enough, delivers this content in the style of a stand-up presentation and is wonderfully endearing. His background in improv and vast knowledge of the film industry (both practical and theoretical) are clear to see. His content should be on everyone’s watch list.

#3: Brandon’s Cult Movie Review

If cult classics are your thing, the B-movie reviews by Canadian YouTuber Brandon Tenold should definitely be on your radar. From Godzilla films complete with “Kennys” (a Tenold-verse in-joke) through to the epic bad nature of Deathstalker I and II, Brandon has it all covered. Check out this charming YouTuber who is both easy on the ear and the eye.

#4: Boots to Reboots

For something completely different, Boots to Reboots is a series by “Andy, the Maniacal Cinephile” from StitchedTogetherPictures. This weird, yet truly humorous, character is portrayed with great skill by our charismatic host and his three distinct personalities – Andy, Evil Andy and Good Andy. If the three Andys dislike the movie reboot, it “gets the boot” – being stomped on by Andy’s large biker boot. It may sound tasteless and odd, but there is something incredibly endearing about Andy and his amazing acting performances that keeps you coming back for more.

#5: Redeye Reviews

Redeye Reviews is a channel that appeared small and tiny in my recommended videos and has grown exponentially in no time at all. The engaging style, endearing host and hilarious subject matter – usually Steven Seagal and the likes – makes for a really entertaining YouTube review series. Every review ends with the very funny “Redeye Reacts” which always provides the icing on this comedy review cake. Noteworthy is Redeye’s impression of Señor Seagal which is guaranteed to elicit a chuckle!

#6: Amanda the Jedi

Chipper, charming and sweet, Amanda’s outlook on good-bad and bad-bad movies is enough to bring a smile to your face. Her tagline, “I’m mostly okay”, is deeply relatable and acts as a bridge as we look at cinematic trash together. Always wearing her trademark beanie hat, Amanda the Jedi is distinctive in look and mannerisms, and very hard to dislike. This lady and her insights are definitely worth your time and attention.

#7: So Bad It’s Good

Featuring an ensemble of hosts, the Jason Brant YouTube channel is where So Bad It’s Good can be found. Jason, his wife Erin, their friends Dave, Brian, and occasional off-cam Pam, all lend their comedy chops to guide us through some of the worst B-movies of all time, from Seagal to all things Cannon. Always sponsored by a wonderful craft beer, this gang are sure to have your cheeks sore with laughter. Bonus points go to the puppy placement of their beloved pets in some of their videos.

#8: Steve Reviews

For fans of amination, especially “the best, worst and weirdest of animation”, Steve Reviews is the channel for you. Via an animated avatar, Steve reviews the weird and wonderful of animation, including such gems as Sausage Party, Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio, Corpse Bride, the BFG (old versus new), and much more. Whilst not all reviews are of bad movies, the often odd nature of the movies Steve reviews is enough to earn him a place on this list.

#9: Mista GG

Egged on by his online audience, Mista GG usually takes recommendations from his fans and subjects himself to their suggestions. The true brilliance of Mista GG and his content is the variety it takes on. Sometimes, he relies on a game of beer pong to get titles to watch. Other times, he’ll take to social media looking for a specific genre of movie. We, the audience, get to enjoy his live reactions along with intelligently put together review content. Mista GG is hilarious, talented, charming and willing to watch things to spare us.

#10: Elvis the Alien

Considering the name, Elvis the Alien is a surprisingly grounded YouTuber with excellent fashion-sense and a Nick Cage alter ego. Elvis designs and sells his own dynamic clothing, all with a quirky style, and specialises in reviews of Nicholas Cage movies and other such films. He has a contagious laugh and his infectious incredulity over what he is watching cannot go unnoticed. He is endearing, charming and very, very funny. For truly good laughs and even better reviews, this YouTuber should not go unnoticed.

If you like this content, maybe we’ll take a look at another genre of YouTube channels in the next post.

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