Great Word of the Day: Xanadu

More than a mansion or a musical, todays great word is Xanadu.



This noun means:

  1. a place of great beauty, luxury, and contentment.

Word Origin

Xanadu originates from the Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem “Kubla Khan” (1797). In the poem, the word itself is a modification of Xandu, modern day Shangdu, which was the summer capital of the Yuan dynasty of China that ruled the Mongol Empire.

It’s possible that it is not due to the S.T. Coleridge poem that the word Xanadu seems familiar. Along with a luxurious real-world location, Xanadu is also the name of a fictional mansion in the 1941 film Citizen Kane. More famously, Xanadu is a sparkly movie from 1980 staring Olivia Newton-John clad in roller-skates, plus a 2007 Broadway musical based on the film.

How to use XANADU

The kid whose Dad (apparently channelling Walt Disney) creates an Epcot-like Xanadu just for him?

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