10 Best Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Lockdown

The best ideas for a Valentine’s Day at home in 2021.

Valentine’s Day is once again upon approach…just one more sleep to go. Between lockdowns and curfews, Valentine’s Day 2021 will most likely be celebrated at home. Some may find this disappointing, having looked forward to a fine meal in a fancy restaurant, but others will know that staying indoors can be just as enjoyable as going out.

With a little thought and planning, staying in on Valentine’s Day could become the new “going out”. And, clichéd as that may sound, there are so many reasons why a romantic night in with your significant other is the best gift to give each other this Valentine’s Day.

If you are stuck for ideas, we have compiled a list of the best ideas for a Valentine’s Day at home (and not once will we mention “Netflix and chill” – apart from just now).

1. Create the perfect romantic atmosphere

First and foremost, setting the mood at home is probably the most important element in creating a romantic Valentine’s Day. Nobody wants to snuggle and whisper sweet nothings amid the laundry and dirty dishes. Beyond cleaning up, creating a romantic atmosphere will take the first step towards ensuring love is in the air at home this year.

There is no great secret here. Most of these tricks have been seen on TV or in the movies at some point when the courtship reaches the romantic peak. Here are some romantic details you can add to your abode:

  • Use fairy lights and those yet-to-be-put-away Christmas lights to create some sexy mood lighting.
  • Sprinkle rose petals (real or fake) around the house.
  • Light more candles than you usually would.
  • Light some romantic incense sticks to stimulate all the senses.
  • Arrange cushions, blankets and throws about to ensure comfort around you at all times.
  • Have an evening’s worth of your favourite songs saved and ready to play.
  • Create a playlist of romantic music.
  • Lots of red!

2. Display your best couple photos

In addition to decorating the home, a wonderful way to remind yourselves of all the best times in your relationship is to display your favourite photographs. If there are any photos you love but never printed out, now is the time to do it. If you have glossy photo paper, they will look great even without frames. However, the same memories can still be conjured with plain old matte printer paper.

3. Plan a Valentine’s Day menu

Let’s get the obvious out of the way; the two most well-known romantic meal ideas are:

  1. Breakfast in bed
  2. A romantic dinner for two

We are certainly not here to deny the effectiveness of these tried-and-tested romantic meal methods. But, why stop there? Plan out a full menu for the day – romantic breakfast, lunch and dinner along with some sexy treats and nibbles. Create a handwritten menu for each meal to make the day feel extra special. Whether you opt for your favourite foods or some sensual aphrodisiacs, a full foodie day is one of the best ways to spend Valentine’s Day in lockdown.

4. Wine tasting at home

Wine and home already go hand in hand. So there is no reason wine tasting and home shouldn’t go together. An evening of wine tasting at home is the ideal pastime for couples who love wine and is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for wine lovers. If you are already part of a tasting club, make sure to have the best bottles ready for uncorking on this special occasion. Otherwise, just grab some of your favourite bottles of vino from your local off-licence and get your glasses swirling in unison. For a little something extra, add a cheese and olive platter to complete the night in together.

Not a fan of wine? Prefer the juniper or sloe berry to the grape? Take a look at this delightful gin and tonic taster kit for a gorgeous couple’s gift activity with a twist.

5. A movie marathon

Being stuck for something to watch, scrolling endlessly through your many streaming services, can spoil any mood. Don’t let it ruin the romantic Valentine’s Day atmosphere you worked so hard to create. Have a playlist ready with all the movies and programmes you would both love to watch this Valentine’s Day. Pick a host of typically romantic movies for the day that’s in it. Alternatively, if you are a pair who love horror, action or documentaries, mix it up any way you like. The most important thing is that the flat screen is filled with your favourite flicks, without ever having to remove yourself from romantic proceedings to turn on.

6. Two words: Cocktail evening

Alcohol-based or virgin, there is nothing quite like a mouth-watering cocktail (or mocktail) evening. However, it is rare that any household will have all the necessary ingredients ready for the an impromptu cocktail hour. Thus, preparation and planning – i.e. buying all the necessary liquors and accoutrements – is required. A cocktail evening is the perfect way to compliment a romantic meal for two. But, why stop there? Create a full themed evening. Here are some ideas:

  • Recreate your first couple’s vacation by planning the dinner and cocktail menu around the country or destination. Select music and décor to fit the theme.
  • Choose a menu of romantic-themed cocktails for your Valentine’s Day at home.

7. Get crafty together

Getting crafty together is a wholly bonding experience, at least if the infamous pottery scene from the movie Ghost is to be believed. Although perhaps not as sensual as that scene implies, for couples that love art and crafts, making and creating together is fun, engaging and enjoyable. Paint each other’s portrait, build a LEGO adult construction set together or make a lover’s scrapbook. If you can’t decide, take turns engaging in each other’s hobbies or crafts and turn it into a truly special couple’s crafty Valentine’s Day.

For the LEGO enthusiast, they really have thought of everything this Valentine’s Day. We positively love the idea of being given the LEGO Creator Expert Flower Bouquet Botanical Collection adult construction set.

8. Turn your home into a dance club

This list has something for everyone, and for the clubbers and party animals among us, this one is more doable than you may think. Okay, full disclosure, this will be a fun-loving simulation of a dance club. This Valentine’s Day, follow these simple steps to recreate you and your SO’s favourite place to shake it:

  1. Decorate your environment as best you can. Think red velvet, neon and white satin. It’s a classy club.
  2. Tune in to a club’s live stream. Many clubs all over the world offer live streamed DJ sets, maybe even your favourite local club.
  3. Make the night’s tunes more romantic by finding a special Valentine’s Day live stream.
  4. Get some party lights and disco lights and set them up around your “dancefloor”. This will complete the dance club mood.
  5. Make sure the bar is open for business! (See number six on the list.)

9. Have an outdoor evening

Wrapped up in a blanket under the stars sounds like an idyllic way to spend a Valentine’s evening. However, considering it is currently snowing in many places around the world, this one is very much dependant on the weather. There are so many ways to spend a special evening outdoors with a loved one. Spark up a fire pit and make some hot chocolate, grab a blanket and star gaze, maybe even ignite some fireworks. The most important aspect is being alone together, away from distractions, savouring the moment.

10. Set up the boudoir

The bedroom. Set up the bedroom. There is no denying that a successful Valentine’s Day at home could end up in the bedroom. Whether intended as the desert after a romantic meal or the ravenous main course itself, create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom to complete any Valentine’s Day romance. Much like the elements from number one on this list, this is dependant on tastes, intentions and just requires a little effort. Materials, fragrances, lights, textures, music – all of these factors can be tailored to suit your desires.

So remember; even though you might be stuck at home this Valentine’s Day it is who you are stuck at home with that counts.