Relax in a Seaside Holiday Home in Zeeland

For slow-paced adventures, find the perfect holiday home by the coast or in the peaceful countryside in Zeeland.

If you dream of an island holiday home, Zeeland could be the travel destination you have been searching for. Located in the southwest of the Netherlands, this province lies alongside the Belgian border and comprises of several islands, estuaries and waterways. As a result, Zeeland features extensive lengths of coastline and beaches making it one of the Netherlands’ most popular tourist hotspots. Zeeland’s wide open spaces meet the clear waters of the sea offering near-endless possibilities to nature lovers, water sports enthusiasts, beach goers and anyone seeking a more relaxing pace of life.

General Information About Zeeland

Whether you are looking for a holiday apartment in Zeeland next to the ocean, are seeking a quaint farmhouse stay in the countryside or want a large Zeeland holiday home for big groups, this provincial part of the Netherlands can offer it all.

Beaches of Zeeland

With approximately 650km of coastline, the safe, clean and beautiful sands of Zeeland make it a popular destination for holidaymakers. Whether you want romantic walks on the beach at sunset or prefer invigorating treks across the dunes with your dog, the many beaches of the Zeeland province are worth exploring. On Zeeland’s many family beaches, build sandcastles with the kids and avail of play facilities all under the watchful eyes of a lifeguard. The beach at Ouddorp is even regularly visited by seals. Natural beaches, like the one at ’t Zwin, are full of dunes, unique marine fauna and ancient shark teeth, making them great places to go exploring. For a more action-packed holiday, Brouwersdam has long stretches of beaches popular for wind and kite surfing, sailing and extreme water sports.

Action-packed Brouwersdam.

Typical Zeeland Holiday Homes

You will find a large selection of holiday homes across Zeeland of every possible style, all quite reflective of the broad selection of typical Dutch homes. As the region is so vast and diverse, the choice of holiday home here is too. Property in the area includes all types of modern houses, holiday homes with swimming pools or saunas, rural farmhouse cottages and beachfront chalets. For something cosier, there are also numerous holiday apartments in Zeeland with the region being packed with holiday resorts and parks. So no matter what type of getaway to the coast you are seeking, or whether you are travelling in a large or small group, this destination should have something to suit.

Dine at a Zeeland Holiday Home

With great zeal you can fill the fridge of your holiday home in Zeeland with a host of locally grown vegetables, Dutch cheeses and dairy. Zeeland is very much a farming region of the Netherlands with its marine clay soil being particularly fertile. However, the island setting means that Zeeland also has a rich traditional oyster culture with many shrimp and mussel fisheries operating from here. If you are a fan of seafood, you will be happy to discover that many of the small towns and villages across Zeeland still have a working harbour. Barbecued fresh fish with green salads, oysters and sparkling wine, shrimp cocktails on the balcony of a seaside holiday apartment, all types of seafood can be picked up relatively cheaply from local fishmongers and markets in Zeeland.

History in Zeeland

Zeeland has a rich history, dating back to Roman times when it was a centre of trade. Although the region has changed over the years due to the ongoing battle between land and sea in these ‘lowlands’, most towns here are from the Middle Ages. Middelburg became a city in the 13th century and its Gothic town hall and centre is similar to those of Vlissingen, Veere and Zierikzee. During WWII, the region was occupied by the Nazis, endured heavy fighting and was used as a strategic defence site. The Liberation Route will allow you to visit the sites of important battles as well as walk around the bunkers still standing on Zeeland beaches. History lovers will appreciate the Liberation Museum in Nieuwdorp.

Lighthouses, harbours and beaches line the Coast of Zeeland, with the Scheldt River making its way from France to the ocean here. It used to run into the estuaries of Oosterschelde (Eastern Scheldt) and Westerschelde (Western Scheldt). Today only the western side connects the river to the sea but this archipelago of peninsulas, connected by bridges and ferries, offers holiday-makers plenty to do amid great natural beauty. Oosterschelde National Park is the largest in the Netherlands and is mainly made up of salt waters, mud flats and meadows. The is a beautiful area to go scuba diving, sailing or fishing, or to venture for a day’s walking or cycling.


When travelling to Zeeland from England, there are numerous routes at your disposal. Looking across the sea at each other, the two countries can be connected by plane, by boat, by train or by car. Holiday-makers can fly into a handful of airports, including nearby Rotterdam The Hague Airport, then rent a car to drive the final stretch. A car ferry to Rotterdam or the Hook of Holland is a swift and efficient choice for those who want to drive from door-to-door. The same goes for the Channel Tunnel route which opens up the options to drive or get the train from England to Zeeland. From Calais, Zeeland is about a two and a half hour drive away.

Travel Time/Weather

The climate of the Netherlands is generally mild throughout the year. There are four distinct seasons similar to the UK, each with their own drawbacks and advantages. The winter will often bring snow and ice, but mostly rain. But fine weather, long beaches and bustling rural villages make spring and summer the ideal times to rent a holiday home in Zeeland. Daytime hours are plentiful allowing for bike rides through the scenic Dutch countryside. A well-maintained network of bicycle routes can take you past a mix of fields and villages, dykes and polders.

Where is Zeeland?