Hacks and Tips to Organise Your Home

Certain places in the home naturally accumulate more clutter than others. The busiest parts of the house, or places used for storage, are often the most difficult to keep in check. By adding a little organisation to areas such as the kitchen, the garage and your closets, you can really begin to tackle all that clutter in your home.

In this article, we will try to delve into the disorganisation and provide some clever hacks and tips to help give a little order to the chaos.


With limited space, the kitchen has the difficult chore of having to store a multitude. From food to appliances to cleaning products, the kitchen can get rather full quite quickly. Getting creative in the kitchen will take on a whole new meaning after reading through these inspirational tips and tricks for saving space and staying organised:

  1. Use CD and DVD holders to neatly store container lids.
  1. Magazine racks can be fastened to the inside of cabinets for a clever storage solution.
  1. Stick-on hooks on cabinet doors make great holders for pot lids.
  1. Keep electrical adaptors and sockets out of the way and dry with this excellent idea. All you need is a rack and some hooks.
  1. Stick a magnetic strip to the underside of your favourite set of containers. With a magnetic board, you can creatively store herbs and spices.
  1. Spray bottles can be hung from a door towel rack to make the most out of your under-the-sink space.


The garage can become prone to the old adage: “Out of sight, out of mind.” Over the years, storing tools, household items, clothing, books, you name it, garages can fill up fast. By taking advantage of these nifty tricks, your garage will stay neat, tidy and organised:

  1. Reuse old motor oil and detergent containers and make neat storage places for nails, screws, nuts and other small items.
  1. Attach the lids of a jam jars to the underside of shelves, and use the jar as a space saving way to store nails.
  1. Another way to store small items is to cut lines through a shelf and slide in sandwich-bags.
  1. Mount varied lengths of PVC tubing to store things like screwdrivers and drill bits.
  1. In fact, PVC tubing can have many versatile storage applications in the garage.
  1. Consider maximising your space by using the ceiling for storage purposes.


You may not want to part with it but you don’t have space for it. This perfectly sums up most people’s experiences with their closets. From seasonal clothing, to accessories and shoes, the closet can easily become a cluttered mess. Here are some great ways to maximise limited closet space:

  1. Use a length of large-linked chain to fit more clothes on hangers in your closet.
  1. A row of coat hooks can provide a decorative way to store bras.
  1. Use the inside of your closet door as a way to display accessories.
  1. Clever folding can be a huge space saver and provide easy access to clothes.
  1. Organise your shoes on roll-out shelving to capitalise on space.
  1. Put shower curtain rings on a hanger to store your scarves or ties.

Most of these inspired hacks to organise clutter in the home and improve storage areas were found on Pinterest. The internet is a wonderful source of clever ideas for organising the home. Hopefully this article provides a good way to get you started on the road to decluttering your space.


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