Feminine Décor Trends for Bedrooms, Floors and Walls

The definition and perception of all things feminine has evolved greatly in recent years, and feminine décor trends are no different. After an extended obsession with masculine décor in the form of the “bachelor pad”, modern interior design is embracing feminine elements.

What is the new ‘feminine chic’ trend?

Dubbed “the new feminine”, this chic interior design trend has done away with the fussy florals and lace of the past to make way for a soft and delicate eclectic twist. Feminine chic combines many styles, but always putting a feminine edge on the design theme. Feminine chic may be a very popular recent interior design trend, however, the factors which define this style have always been fashionable.

Feminine Chic Influences

Taking may elements from styles of the past, the new feminine chic includes shabby chic and American country influences. Shabby chic generally features bohemian furnishings finished with elegant antique trimmings. It uses many feminine elements, such as overstuffed furniture and cushions. American country design styles are usually relaxed and comfortable with simple adornments. It presents a homely, lived-in look and favours patterns like stripes and gingham.

The modern feminine chic edge to these styles is more sophisticated, yet still just as stylish and fun. The aim is a bright and airy living space with divine embellishments in a minimalist fashion. Feminine chic also embraces perceived masculine colours, such as dark grey and navy, and combines them with delicate feminine colours.

A Feminine Chic Colour Pallet

Feminine chic colours. Source: Sainsbury’s Home.

Traditionally, pastel colouring is considered feminine. Neutral, delicate colour tones throughout the home can create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. The soft and subtle undertones are now being contrasted with a stand out splash of colour (like vibrant violet and eye-catching emerald green) to create a focal point, or to draw attention to a piece of furniture, a work of art or elegant wall décor.

Feminine Chic Textures

Different textures can be used to your advantage. Furniture with a natural, handmade feel would fit beautifully in this chic décor trend. Wood, wicker and rattan are all currently very popular. However, have fun with the textures of your furniture and embellishments. A lot can be achieved by combining textures such as leather, luscious velvet, cotton, glass, marble, and metal. Anything goes when it comes to playing with textures.

Give your home a makeover with a few feminine chic elements:

Chic and feminine interior design ideas are perfect for styling a petite pad, upgrading a cheap kitchen or defining your living environment. There are many diverse ways that certain feminine chic elements can be integrated into your home to create a relaxing, warm, yet elegant, living space.

Bedroom: If you wish to create a subtly romantic environment, the bedroom is the perfect room in the house to add a chic feminine touch to the décor. Feminine elements, such as vibrant pink satin throw pillows, can infuse life into an otherwise bland area. Luscious fabrics that are soft to touch will ensure that your bedroom is relaxing and comforting.

Wall décor: There are many creative ways to add some feminine details to your walls, without having to repaint your entire home. Paintings and murals can revitalise your home and add some elegant, yet fun, chic details to your walls. Play with stencilling or draw the eye with a bold coloured picture or frame.

Flooring: With chic feminine trends in design becoming more and more fashionable, it is also a perfect opportunity to embrace some of the natural features of your home. If you have dark wooden flooring, offset it with a light and bright colour pallet. In fact, dark flooring works incredibly well with feminine décor styles.

With flooring, almost anything goes. Light or dark, wood, textile, or tile, the only limitation here is your imagination. You can even paint floorboards to rejuvenate tired floors without breaking the bank.