Pushback Against the Dutch Flavour Ban

Dutch public health secretary, Paul Blokhuis, has announced that an outright ban on flavoured vape liquid and e-cigarette products will take effect at the beginning of next year. This latest proposal marks a complete u-turn for Blokhuis who, as recently as October 2019, said he was not in favour of a flavour ban.

The proposed Dutch flavour ban could have many negative repercussions on the health of the country and its citizens and many people have joined together to protest the decision. If you want to make your voice heard, sign the petition. More details can be found below.

Arguments for the flavour banRebuttal to those arguments
Children will start vaping.It is designed for 18+ years. Like alcohol, cigarettes, movies and so many other things.
Vaping is bad for your health.90% of lung cancers could be avoided by eliminating tobacco use.*

Vaping is 95% better for your health than smoked tobacco.†
Vaping encourages people to take up smoking.Only 3% of smokers can quit independently without help.‡

Vaping helps people quit smoking altogether.
*World Health Organisation; †UK Government; ‡Trimbos Institute;

Vaping Facts:

Vaping was introduced in the 1990’s and gained larger popularity throughout the 2000’s. The percentage of daily smokers has decreased from 38% to 15.9% from 1990 to 2018.

Today, vaping is heralded for assisting many smokers to quit their habit and switch to something significantly less harmful.

  • You can choose the nicotine level when vaping, making it easier to wean off it.
  • There is zero secondhand smoke to cause harm to those around you.
  • With vaping there is no smell, no ash, no bad breath.

Sign the Petition

If you would like to sign the petition to oppose this flavour ban, click the link below:

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Sign the petition in English (partially). See content of the petition in English below.

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“Pushback Against the Dutch Flavour Ban” – Many people have joined together to protest the decision. Sign the petition to make your voice heard.

English Translation: Petition to end the ban on flavoured e-liquids

State Secretary Paul Blokhuis announced on Tuesday 23 June 2020 that flavoured e-liquids will be banned in the Spring of 2021.

We, the users and sellers of electronic cigarettes, do not agree. We cannot allow this briefly substantiated policy to take place!

Users of electronic cigarettes, companies and employees working in the industry,

• That the State Secretary makes an insufficiently founded claim regarding flavoured e-liquids.
• Flavors are the motivation for many smokers to quit smoking.
• The consideration that young people use this as a stepping stone is unfounded.
• Sellers adhere properly to the nix18 rule and often have ex-smokers as a clientele.
• In addition, opinions about harmfulness are so divergent that it is not possible to form a clear picture.

and request
that this decision is reconsidered and discussed with users and persons in the industry. Read, for example, the many success stories at www.dampforum.nu. We ask you to reconsider the banning of flavors as many users have quit smoking precisely because of them.

Sign the petition at Petities.nl