A Walk Through Amsterdam’s Flower Market

Amsterdam Tourist Guide: Bloemenmarkt / Flower Market

When you think of the Netherlands, what springs to mind? Probably cheese, maybe clogs and windmills, definitely tulips. It would not be an authentic trip to the Netherlands without involving flowers in some way.

The famous flower market of Amsterdam – or Bloemenmarkt as it is known locally – is the only floating flower market in the world. In this botanic paradise, you will discover an explosion of colour while floral fragrances fill the air.

History of the Amsterdam Flower Market

Large areas of the Bloemenmarkt are constructed above the Amsterdam canals.

The first flower market in Amsterdam started in 1862 on the water of the Singel canal. Originally, small boats sailed into the city from the nearby countryside to deliver the fresh flowers and bulbs to be sold in the market that day. Where they landed became the spot for the Dutch flower traders to congregate and, thus, the place people frequented to buy their blooms.

Over time, the flower market simply evolved to what it is now. Today, you will find florists selling their wares from diversely-sized shops, situated on a row of specially designed floating barges.

Grow Your Own Piece of Holland

The inside of a large stall selling nothing but bulbs at the Amsterdam Bloemenmarkt.

The flower market offers a wonderful opportunity to bring a piece of the Netherlands home with you. Ready-to-grow tulip bulbs, in every conceivable shade and petal style, can be purchased here. Once planted in your garden at home, you can watch your Dutch tulips bloom every year without fail. Should you live outside the EU, the flower market is prepared for this. You will be able to get a customs stamp to allow you to bring this typically Dutch and unique souvenir back home with you.

More Than Just Flowers

Rows of rainbow-coloured soap, looking good enough to eat.

Along with fresh flowers of every possible type, you can find plenty of house plants, seeds, bulbs and a variety of gardening tools and essentials for sale at the Amsterdam flower market. However, the flower market is not only a place to buy your favourite blooms. Because the market has become a popular tourist attraction, numerous souvenir stalls, cheese shops and Dutch themed paraphernalia shops line up to present you with their wares. From quirky to bohemian, the flower market is an interesting place to pick up your Dutch holiday souvenirs whilst you sight see.

Tulip and flower-based sightseeing ideas: