Best Pastime Ideas for Enjoying Your Holiday Home

A cabin, log home or mobile home can be the perfect escape, somewhere to soak up the tranquillity of nature and enjoy a slower pace of life. Time at a holiday home gives you the opportunity to completely get away from all the trappings of your usual busy, technology-filled life. However, “cabin-life” still has many peaceful hours which need to be filled with activities. Which pastimes can perfectly capture the relaxation you seek and still provide the most value? Let’s take a look now.

Dining at Your Cabin

BBQ Grilling

There is nothing like a barbeque or outdoor grill to make you feel like you’re on holiday. This is a wonderful way to savour mealtimes at your home away from home and to add the special smoky flavour that only this method of cooking can provide.

If you have the space, you can build a permanent fixture next to your cabin or caravan for outdoor grilling in the summer. This can be a simple BBQ station or could be a more elaborate larger stone oven.

If you are using a traditional grill or barbecue, get creative with your meals instead. Try baking a pizza on the grill for an authentic stone-oven flavour. Get adventurous by grilling some marinated chicken. Smoke a brisket or turn a rib eye steak into something even more exceptional by cooking them on the grill at your cabin. There are hundreds of mouth-watering recipes to put a barbecued twist on everyday meals.

Outdoor Stone Oven

Get Creative

Not having enough time is often an excuse for not embarking on certain hobbies or creative endeavours. Getting back to nature, truly savouring your environment, and taking up a new hobby at the same time, sounds like an ideal way to enjoy cabin life.

Log Cabin Birdfeeder

If you like working with your hands, building a bird feeder is a great way to utilise this. Not only do you get to enjoy the time spent crafting your bird feeder, you also get to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour as you observe your bird feeder’s new feathered visitors.

Painting is another creative pastime made for the peaceful pace of cabin life. Not only will the scenery and views of nature nearby make for the perfect subject matter, it also gives you a great excuse to sit back and drink in the beauty of your surrounds.

Cabin Games

Turn off your phone, step away from the tablet, and put away the video game console. Enjoy special quality time with your friends and family in your cabin by playing some parlour or party games together. There is nothing quite like games and laughter to make one really appreciate the moment.

Still from the film “Dan in Real Life” (2007)

Perfect games to play in a cabin can take many forms. You could invest in board games such as chess, monopoly, or scrabble. Party games like charades require no investment, except your imagination. A deck of cards is a versatile addition to your cabin games collection, as it makes for a great group or solo pastime.

Binge-Watch a Show

Occupy evenings and nights in your log cabin by binge-watching some movies or TV shows. For some added fun and inspiration, pick a cabin-related or vacation-themed programme.

Scary Cabin

For example, lovers seeking romance could choose from a selection of romantic movies such as The Notebook (2004), The Lake House (2006), or Dan in Real Life (2007), all set around cabins.

For horror fans, scare yourself silly with the many movie offerings set in cabins. Curl up with (find protecting in) a loved one, or enjoy with a group of friends. Whatever your preference, there are numerous scary movies featuring cabins to set your horror theme alight. Examples include Cabin Fever (2002), the Evil Dead trilogy, and the perfect sounding The Cabin in the Woods (2012).

Read a Good Book

This pastime almost goes without saying. But with reading being such an important part of enjoying a relaxing time, no list would be complete without it. Break the boredom with an old favourite or a new release. Avail of the serenity of your surroundings and fully immerse yourself in a world of literature.